Green is the color of the year. And we’re not talking about the drab olive of 1970s shag carpet. The greens people are happily rolling over their walls are fresh and modern, with tones that feel organic and connected to nature.

 Think about green in nature. The chill of winter is broken by the warmth of spring, transforming the landscape with leafy colors. Where one season ends, another one begins. And let’s face it, with the challenges of the last two years we’re all ready for something new. Why not grab some green paint, and refresh both your walls and outlook with its uplifting sense of optimism?

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite greens. Our three picks including Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog, Behr’s Breezeway, and Benjamin Moore’s October Mist, share an earthiness and sense of energy making them great choices for those looking to revitalize their home interiors. 

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

With an easy-going green combined with hints of grey and blue, Evergreen Fog projects a sense of calm. It’s a highly adaptable paint color, well suited for large walls or even small accents. It pairs well with natural textures like wood or stone and also works with real-world inspired colors like wicker, bronze, as well as off whites and lighter greys. 

Pro painting tip: Before you begin painting make sure that you’ve spackled imperfections on the walls. Paint alone won’t fill in deep gouges or scrapes.

Photo by Behr

Behr Breezeway

Breezeway has a lower gravity and lighter touch, making it perfect for large areas of wall space. Dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms will all open up and come alive with this paint color. It also works well for smaller features like shelving, molding, or other places where you want to add a splash of green. 

With a mellow sense of saturation, Breezeway sits at the intersection of green, white, and blue. It can be paired with greys and whites, and looks great along with natural textures like wood grain.

Pro painting tip: Don’t overdo it when using rollers, you only need a small amount of pressure to get a nice even layer of paint. 

Benjamin Moore October Mist

With a subtle green and an undercurrent of silver-grey, October Mist finds just the right balance. Though it’s a complex color, nothing is pushed too hard.  It’s a casual green that feels grounded, but also airy and light.

This sense of neutrality makes October Mist the perfect accompaniment for furniture, artwork, or anywhere else where you need a color that’s not going to clash with what’s around it. It pairs well with off whites, blues, light yellows, and pinkish reds. 

Pro painting tip: Before taping up a room’s trim, make sure to take a wet towel or rag and wipe away any dirt or dust that may be clinging to it.

When you find the perfect color, be sure to add it in the HomeKey App

Once you find the perfect color to personalize your home, you don’t want to forget what it is.  If only there was an easy way to keep track of things like paint colors in your home, right? HomeKey may not wear a cape, but we’re here to swoop in and rescue you from the perils of keeping track of everything you do to your home.

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